About Our Company

USA Fuel Service is one of the nation’s largest professional fuel polishing, tank cleaning, and fuel additive producers.

We are a Florida based company with decades of fuel experience.  We provide on-site mobile fuel and tank cleaning services for all gasolines including E10 to E85, diesel, and biodiesel.  


Below is a list of our services that we specialize in:


-fuel tank cleaning

-fuel additives

-fuel filters

-octane boosters

-fuel stabilizers

-fuel economy improvements

-diesel fuel stabilizer

-fuel polishing systems

-ethanol fuel treatments

-diesel fuel polishing

-marine gas tank cleaning

-help with contaminated fuels

-and much more!


Call us today to learn the difference between our four step system vs the competitions two step fuel polishing service.  Let us help you decrease the cost of your expensive fuel.


Why Choose Us

  • Mobile Service Available
  • Decades of experience
  • Excellent Customer service


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